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#337 KeyboardMap Format

In the browser type about:config instead of a URL and press enter, you will see various FF and extension preferences. Find this preference leetkey.KeyboardMap - you will see that the value for this key is a long string that looks like this:

Well, this is the string that contains information used to map keys from the keyboard to some other string values. It is now possible to switch the default l337 keyboard mapping for a different mapping that is user specific. However to do this a new mapping string must be created. In order to create a correct mapping string follow this format:
  1. The string must not contain any spaces, tabs, new lines or line feeds.
  2. Mapping Pairs within the string are delimited by commas ','.
  3. Each pair consists of a key and a value where key is a base 10 number that represents an ASCII character found on the keyboard and the value is a substitution string that will be printed instead of the ASCII character identified by the key. The ASCII portion of the pair (the key) must be between 0 and 126 inclusive. The string value portion of the pair must not contain commas ','.

Will be doing some development again.

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