User Manual

Typing with Leet Key

The easiest way to start typing with Leet Key is to focus the cursor on a text field in the browser and to either press Ctrl+Shift+L or click on the status bar's 'leetkey' icon. Now you can be l337 and type that way. You can also press ESC to go back to normal 'square' typing.
To stop typing in l337 simply do the same thing that you did to start typing.
To use a different encoding scheme (ROT13 for example) right click on the text field, select 'leetkey' menu and select 'ROT13' from the submenu.
To turn the 'Leet Key' off either click on the status bar icon, use Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut or use the 'Off' menu item in the context menu.

Transforming with Leet Key

To transform normal text to either 'l337' or to some other encoding (ROT13 for example) you need to select the text in the browser to be transformed (either in a text field or just any static text on the current page) and then either use the Ctrl+Shift+L or click on the status-bar icon or use the context menu and select the encoding you want to use to transform the text.

Loop Typing with Leet Key

Starting with version 0.3.3, Leet Key allows the user to type in a Loop-Typing mode. Simply right click on a text field, select 'leetkey' and select 'Type Text Loop' from the context menu.
Start typing.
It is possible to change the Loop-Text to a user defined text. Simply type about:config in the URL address bar, and modify the leetkey.TextLoop property.

Switching #337 Keyboard Layout

It is now possible to switch the l337 keyboard layout to a user defined one. Currently it is a manual process that must be followed precisely that maybe made more user-friendly in the future.
  1. Get the new mapping string from this page or make one yourself by following these instructions.
  2. In the URL text area of the browser type about:config and press Enter.
  3. Find a key-value pair named leetkey.KeyboardMap, choose to modify the value of this key and paste the new mapping string into it.
  4. Restart the browser.

The leetkey project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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